How to Keep a Wooden Porch Look New 

Wooden porches endure a lot of abuse if you really consider it. Porches often get a lot of foot-traffic, and they are more susceptible to weather than any other form of wooden structure since their horizontal surfaces are exposed constantly to sunlight and let rain to pour over the surface. Because of that, the poured rain attracts fungal spores and pollen that could discolor the wood.  

Luckily, there are ways to protect your wooden porch. Here are some of them. 

1. Do not Trap Dirt 

If you’ve got flower plants on the porch, put them on the cement blocks’ top portion to avoid the planters from trapping moisture or dirt on the surface of your porch.  

2. Clean the Grease 

Utilize always a grease catcher if you have a grill on the porch. For those who do not know, a grease stain is usually one of the hardest stains to eliminate.  

3. Sweep the Porch 

On a regular basis, sweep the porch to avoid buildups of leaves or dirt that could stain the surface of your porch.  

4. Shovel the Snow Off 

As soon as you can, shovel off the snow of your porch when there is snowfall.  

5. Regularly Seal and Clean  

To protect your porch against the sun and rain, have it professionally sealed and cleaned by porch builders in Blaine at least two to three years. You would likely have to seal and clean the porch at least once each year if you choose to DIY. This means that professional job pays for itself in the long run. 

6. Take Special Steps for a New Porch 

Have the porch clean professionally if it is new. This is to remove any impurities in the surface that might prevent deck sealing solutions from penetrating or to kill any mildew spores in the material. Then, using a waterproof sealer, seal your porch or have it sealed by a professional. However, you need to ensure that you wait at least 3 months after the wooden porch is built to have it stained and cleaned. First, the wood has to age.  

7. Be sure that the Porch is Sealed, No Matter the Age 

To protect your porch against moisture from dew and rain, seal it. This would cause the swelling of the wood. Also, sealing the porch would protect it against the sun that could dry and shrink the wood. The irregular cycles of shrinking and expanding would cause the wood to gray, crack, cup, and warp. 

8. Seal the Porch, even if the Wood is Pressure Treated 

A wood that is pressure treated does nothing to protect your porch against severe weather. The truth is that wood that is pressure treated without an applied sealant is even more vulnerable to the harsh weather conditions. 

9. Do not Apply Solid Stains or Paint 

Do not stain or paint the porch with a solid stain since the finishes would require a huge amount of maintenance once it starts to peel. Usually, the best stains are the oil-based one since they protect the deck. 


How to Help Save the Environment as a Traveler

Whenever you feel like traveling, it’s best that you bear in mind these travel tips to help maintain the beauty of our Mother Nature.

  1. Consider Using Alternative Transportation

Forget planes, trains and automobiles. Did you even know that a couple choosing to travel by bus will be able to cut their carbon footprint in half than driving a hybrid vehicle. And, the moment they decide to take a bus instead of plane, they’ll cut their emissions by about 55% to 75%, heavily depending on the certain distance they’ll travel. This is due to the fact that buses tend to emit lesser carbon dioxide compared to other cars, and they are also seven times more fuel-efficient and energy efficient compared to single occupancy vehicles.

Aside from that, buses are also three times more efficient when it comes to reducing the output of carbon dioxide compared to commuter rail. Furthermore, buses are also considered as the most energy and fuel-efficient mode of transportation in North America when they’re being measured in terms of miles per gallon. This is why experts highly recommend that you switch up your usual travel style and consider taking a vacation through riding a bus. This will not only cut on emission but it will also make your trip more enjoyable since you’ll be able to breathe in cleaner and fresher air. So, for your next travel, simply take a bus and enjoy the clean, cool air that’s free of pollution and emissions.

  1. Make Sure Not to Litter

No matter where you want to travel, it’s really awful to a great picture ruined by stray pieces of trash. So, the next time you have candy or snack wrappers, take the extra seconds and then toss it in the proper area, like in the nearest waste can or bin. With this, you’re surely be able to save the picturesque view for others. And, better yet, you can also take care of the litter of someone else and then improve that certain view for the next traveler.

  1. Consider Carrying Your Own Trash

Sometimes, you just can’t easily find a trash can around. Whether you are in a canoe or you’re on a long hike, then it is a really good idea that you bring a reusable bag so you could carry your trash. And, whether it is your lunch debris or a bubble gum wrapper, carrying extra trash can be very annoying, yet it is surely worth it in the end. Your fellow travelers and the Mother Nature will definitely thank you for that.

And, to make your travel an even memorable and enjoyable one, you should also consider contacting a professional and reputable porch builders Richmond. With the help of a reliable travel agency, you will be able to reach your destination safely and in an organized manner. But, for your next trip, always bear in mind that it’s best to go green as much as possible to preserve the beauty of our dear Mother Nature.