Westby Production Components has been in the business of fastener distribution for 25 years. Its name only changed when Dave Schmitting acquired the organization in January 2013. Since then, the BDS Fastener and Supply LLC was born. BDS is a family owned and run business. We are a distributor of fasteners in Port Washington, WI. The company name changed but never the quality of the products we put out and the kind of services we offer. BDS still continues focusing on giving superior customer service. We offer kitting, custom bundling and sacking, Vendor Managed Inventory Programs (VMI) for their Class C Commodities. We additionally offer fastener items in regular or special qualities.

For a long time, Dave has offered his services with a major fastener distributor. Amid that time, his set of working responsibilities was fluctuated, taking on various tasks. He took his learnings and experiences and became the project supervisor in Cold Header, a fastener organization, and worked for them for a quite a time. In the wake of understanding that he needed to get back with distribution, he went on and served Westby Production Components for 4 ½ years. And soon enough he was able to purchase the company.

We trust that we are something other than a distributor. All of us are proud of the products and services we bring our clients to the best of our abilities.

We are centered around being something past a distributor. All BDS work power put vigorously in taking thought and changing in accordance with our customers. BDS will find a way to keep our customers satisfied.